Commemoration of the German Society of Gastroenterology
In memory of

Dr. med.
Ludwig Weil
1874 - 1961

Dissertation, Berlin 1898
Dissertation, Berlin 1898

Member since 1926

Specialist in private practice in Stuttgart

Unremunerated work in London

Dr. med. Ludwig Weil

  • Stuttgart, 3‌0‌.‌1‌2‌.‌1‌8‌7‌4‌
  • London, 0‌6‌.‌0‌7‌.‌1‌9‌6‌1‌
  • Member since 1926
  • Escaped to England in 1936
  • Stuttgart
  • Specialist in gastrointestinal and metabolic diseases in private practice

“The author, Ludwig Weil, of Jewish faith, was born in Stuttgart in Wurttemberg on 30 December 1874 as the son of the merchant Eduard Weil. He received his scientific education at the Karls Gymnasium in his hometown, from which he graduated in 1893. He then went on to study medicine at the universities of Munich, Kiel, and Berlin”, Ludwig Weil states in the curriculum vitae of his dissertation.


Education and Places of Work

He passed the state examination in Berlin on 17 December 1897 and was awarded his doctorate at Berlin’s Friedrich-Wilhelms University on 28 January 1898 with the thesis “Sarcoma mucosae uteri”. Weil received his licence to practise medicine on 25 July 1899.

He initially settled in Stuttgart in 1902 as a general practitioner. After further training and specialisation, he worked as a specialist in gastrointestinal and metabolic diseases in Stuttgart from 1908.

Weil was forced to give up his practice in 1936 after his health insurance licence had been withdrawn.


Escape to England

Ludwig Weil and his wife had already spent some time in Cambridge, England, in 1935. Ludwig Weil fled from Germany to London on 14 November 1936. He was stripped of his German citizenship in January 1939.

The 62-year-old Ludwig Weil found work as a consultant in London, however, without remuneration. It was no longer possible for him to settle.

Ludwig Weil died in London on 6 July 1960 at the age of 86.

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