Commemoration of the German Society of Gastroenterology
In memory of

Dr. med.
Siegbert Kamnitzer
1892 - 1985

Member since 1929

Training in internal medicine in Gdansk (Danzig)

Dr. med. Siegbert Kamnitzer

  • Dirschau/Tczew, Poland, 1‌3‌.‌1‌0‌.‌1‌8‌9‌2‌
  • Hamilton, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA, 1‌9‌.‌1‌0‌.‌1‌9‌8‌5‌
  • Member since 1929
  • Escaped to the USA in 1938
  • Gdańsk
  • Specialist in internal medicine

Siegbert Kamnitzer was born in the former West Prussian town of Tczew (Dirschau), not far from Gdansk (Danzig) on the Vistula, in 1892 as the son of the merchant Wilhelm Kamnitzer. His older brother was Dr. Bernhard Kamnitzer, a well-known lawyer and Senator for Finance in Gdansk, who fled to New York, USA, via England in 1938.


Education and Places of Work

Kamnitzer studied medicine in Berlin, Königsberg, and Rostock. He qualified as an internist after his studies and worked in Gdansk.


Escape to the USA in 1941 via England in 1938 

Kamnitzer fled – initially to London – in 1938 with his wife and their 14- and 16-year-old children. He was briefly interned as an enemy alien after the outbreak of the Second World War.

The family left Liverpool aboard the S.S. Morska Wola for New York on 29 March 1941. Siegbert Kamnitzer was granted US citizenship in 1946. Kamnitzer temporarily worked at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York.

Siegbert Kamnitzer died in Hamilton, a town near Cincinnati, Ohio in the USA, on 19 October 1985 at the age of 93.

No further biographical data is known to date.


Sources and Further Reading


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