Commemoration of the German Society of Gastroenterology
In memory of

Dr. med.
Adolf Rosenbaum
1871 - unknown

Member since 1926

Dissertation, Munich 1895
Dissertation, Munich 1895

Dr. med. Adolf Rosenbaum

  • Kempen/Kępno, Poznan, Poland, 1‌8‌.‌0‌1‌.‌1‌8‌7‌1‌
  • unknown
  • Member since 1926
  • Escaped to Belgium in 1939
  • Gelsenkirchen
  • Specialist in internal medicine

Adolf Rosenbaum was born in Kempen, administrative district of Posen/Poznán, in 1871. The Kempen Jewish community was rather large for the time.


Education and Places of Work

Rosenbaum studied medicine at the University of Munich and received his doctorate in 1895 with the thesis “Zur operativen Behandlung der Empyeme und Empyemfisteln”.

Dissertation, Munich 1895
Dissertation, Munich 1895

The stages of his training in internal medicine are still unknown. Rosenbaum actively participated in the First World War and went to Gelsenkirchen after his military service in December 1918. He lived at Hochstrasse 12 in Gelsenkirchen from October 1919 and ran a specialist practice for internal medicine in the city.

Rosenbaum stood for elections as a member for the liberal synagogue community in Gelsenkirchen in 1930.


After 1933

Rosenbaum had been living and practising at his flat located at Litzmannstrasse 3 in Gelsenkirchen since December 1933. He was forced to move into a so-called “Judenhaus” (Jews were only allowed to live in designated areas of German cities in designated Jewish houses during the Nazi era) at Bahnhofstrasse 78 in Gelsenkirchen in April 1939.


Escape to Belgium 1939

Adolf Rosenbaum fled from Germany to Belgium on 22 September 1939. There is no known record of his further life.


We are grateful to the “Institut für Stadtgeschichte”(Institute for Urban History) in Gelsenkirchen for the information on Rosenbaum’s biography.

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